The Most Common Argument Online: “The American Bully is Not a real Pit Bull
No shit Sherlock! One look, and you should be able to tell the difference between an American Pit Bull Terrier (APBT) and the much bulkier American Bully. If not, we’ll help you there. We’re also not one of those that bashes the American Pit Bull Terrier, like many Bully lovers.  They’re both awesome breeds!

I fell in love with the American Pit Bull Terrier long before I ever began breeding the American Bully. I’ll always love ABPT’s and they’re amazing dogs when socialized early and with proper training, just like the American Bully.  Any breed can become a problem if not socialized properly. This article is a one and done summary of the different types of American Bullies.

The American Bully
The American Bully is the fastest growing breed in terms of popularity. Everyone seems to want to have their own bully these days. But, there is a ton of confusion as to what an American bully is.. Is it a pit bull? Is it a bulldog? Are they athletic? Are they aggressive? You’ve heard the term “exotic”, “micro”, shorty bull, “XL”, “XXL” and you’re thinking to yourself what does that even mean!?  
American Bullies are thick, beautiful, impressive muscular dogs with a great disposition towards other dogs, people and children.  When bred correctly, they are athletic and can really move. Obviously not in the same way a 65lb American Pit Bull Terrier can.. They carry a lot more muscle, and some of the gameness has been bred out.  Which makes them perfect family companions.
So.. The American Bullies you’ve seen on line really caught your eye.. but there’s so many different types and names being thrown around, you have no clue where to start and you’re afraid to ask.. That’s ok, we’re here to help.
Understand the History
The American Bully breed was created around 1990 and gained recognition and establishment in 2004 with the inception of the A.B.K.C Registry.  The United Kennel Club or UKC recognized the American Bully breed in 2013.  There are other registries, but for the purposes of this article we will mention the main two- which are the ABKC and UKC.
According to the ABKC-The American Bully breed has been selectively bred to give America’s breed, the American Pit Bull Terrier, a new direction and outlet.  Like with the American Staffordshire Terrier (which is also an offshoot of the American Pit Bull Terrier) all of the positive characteristics of the breed’s ancestry were kept. Including loyalty, stability with humans and children, along with their physical attributes. Traits of dog and human aggression have been bred out, as they have no future purpose for that trait.
According to the UKC- The American Bully breed was subtly influenced by the infusion of several other breeds, which include the American Bulldog, English Bulldog and Olde English Bulldogge. The American Bully was recognized by the UKC on July 15, 2013.
What differentiates this breed from the American Staffordshire Terrier and the American Pit Bull Terrier, is it’s physical appearance.  The American Bully carries much heavier bone structure and a “bullier” build.  A reinvented breed was formed with the purpose of being the ultimate companion breed, and this breed is the “American Bully.”
Although the ABKC up to this point, has been our favorite registry, their shows are great, and in our opinion, much more “bully friendly” than the UKC.. The UKC’s description of what other breeds truly influenced the birth of the American Bully seems more honest and logical.

Update: The ABKC has come forward and acknowledged that The American Bully has been influenced by the infusion of several different bulldog breeds. (Captain Obvious nods) That being said, that the existence is there, but those breeding in bulldog currently into their breeding programs attempting to cut corners are taking steps backwards.

American Bully Traits
The American Bully is a companion breed exhibiting confidence, a zest for life, along with an  exuberant will to please and companionship with their family. This making the American Bully an excellent family companion.
Despite the American Bully’s fierce and powerful appearance their demeanor is gentle and great with kids. They are  friendly with strangers, other dogs, and other animals. Human or dog aggression, extreme shyness or viciousness is very uncharacteristic of the American Bully and is highly undesirable.  


It is important to note the ABKC got rid of the extreme class. So there are currently 4 Classes
This is an amendment to the basic standard which a Pocket Bully is determined by its adult height. Males under 17″ and no less than 14″ at the withers. Females under 16″ and no less than 13″ at the withers.

The American Bully should give the impression of great strength for it’s size. It is a compact and medium/large size dog with a muscular body and blocky head. The American Bully should have the appearance of heavy bone structure with a bulky build and look.
This is an amendment to the basic standard. A Classic Bully is determined by it’s body structure and build. Both sex dogs with lighter body frames and less overall body mass, but still exibiting “bully” traits.
This is an amendment to the basic standard, determined by it’s adult height. Males over 20″-23″ at the withers. Females over 19″-22″ at the withers. It is important to note that the XL Bully variety is simply taller than the Standard American Bully. XL dogs share the same build, body type and breed type as the Standard American Bully.
This isn’t a real classification of American Bully. If a dog reaches the height and size of an XL, that’s it’s class. Please stop using this term.
The American Bully in itself is a faily new breed – barely 25 years in the making and steming off from the bullier type American Pitbull Terriers, American Staffordshires and various types of bulldogs. The American Bully has a bullier, shorter, more compact, dense body than your average pit bull. The Exotic Bully however is a relatively new term for the somewhat “overdone” type of American Bullies. These American Bullies tend to favor more of the “Bull” side of the Pit Bull, often being mixed with smaller bulldogs. They often have exaggerated features and a plethora of issues.
If there was one dog that people could automatically associate with the term “Exotic Bully” it would hands down have to be the very controversial “TheBullyCampLine’s Mr. Miagi“. Mr. Miagi was produced by The Bully Camp Line Kennel in California and is arguably the single most controversial  Exotic Bully in the American Bully World.
Although this style of dog isn’t our preference, and can be plagued by health issues from poor breeding, the purpose of this article is too educate, not promote or bash
There are some well bred “exotics” out there, but they are few and far between. The problem is there are no current breed standards from any legitimate registries. Many have rushed into becoming “breeders” with no knowledge on how to breed properly. All in pursuit of the almighty dollar. This has resulted in some very unhealthy and deformed dogs with even shorter life spans. 
A shorter version of an exotic.  Many breeders are using terms like these to sell dogs for $10,000 and up, just like with the exotic bully. Don’t buy into the hype. They’re basically glorified bulldogs with clipped ears. But, as long as uneducated buyers are shelling out car prices to buy what they believe is “the new hot thing”, breeders will continue to pump them out.

Photo Credit: ToySoldier Photography

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