Tips To Avoid Being Ripped Off When Buying an American Bully

Avoid Getting Ripped Off!
When buying an American Bully, whether it’s your first, or your fifth.. you need to know how to find a reputable breeder. There are a few signs that tell good breeders apart from bad breeders, and several red flags that you’re about to get ripped off.

The purpose of this article is to help you find the perfect dog for you, whether it’s for a family pet, for show, or if you’re looking to start your own kennel.

The main and most important factor in recognizing a bad breeder from a good breeder is to know HOW THEY TREAT THEIR DOGS!  But, some of the best breeders in the country may not be located in your state, so you may not have an opportunity to visit them in person.

How do their productions look? Did they turn out healthy? Are their clients happy? Do they offer references? Do clients give good reviews on the breeder? All these are important to take into consideration! You don’t want an aggressive dog, so we recommend finding a kennel that doesn’t keep their dogs locked in kennels for 23 hours a day.

Also, when learning how to find a reputable breeder, one needs to know that a breeder’s dogs are the real deal and not only good looking with a proper build, but also health tested and genetically sound as well.. Good temperament is extremely important. You will want to see several pictures of their dogs and some videos.

Check Out the Door

Ever see the Studs that look amazing in photos where the background is ALWAYS blurry & there’s never any videos of the dog? And if they’re feeling confident enough to send a video it looks like a deflated version of the photo and you’re confused as to how a a dog can go from incredible to underwhelming?

Photoshop. Some breeders do it, the background of the photos are usually blurry. They’re actually getting better photoshopping now now, so video is better.

There’s an entire Instagram page dedicated to Photoshop Breeders HERE

Now this is just ridiculous

Check Out Our Friends Over at BullyBadassTv exposing them & Subscribe to their Youtube Channel for the best Videos
Finding the right dog

Dogs that don’t get the love and attention they need, will not only have behavior problems, but they will have shorter life spans. If a breeder can’t give his/her dogs their full attention, how will they pay attention to a litter of puppies? How kept up will the puppies be?

Once you purchase your pup, it is your responsibility to socialize your new family member with people, dogs and children. Make sure they are all positive interactions.

When you’re spending $2-$8,000 (depending on pedigree, accomplishments and quality) you have to make sure you’re dealing with a legitimate breeder. Just because a breeder is asking a higher price on a dog doesn’t mean its better than someone who is selling at a lower price.

They’re are several shitty dogs being sold for over $5000, just like there are some incredible Champion produced American Bullies priced at $2500. The key is who you do business with, make sure it’s someone with a good reputation. Ask for references.

Good breeders won’t hide behind a photo, they’ll be at Shows competing and letting the public see their dogs in person. They probably will own a Champion or several Champions. Good breeders are proud of their dogs and will want to show them off, not hide them.


1. They do not have a kennel, website, social media pages including reviews, photos and videos of their dog. If they only have a picture of one badass dog, probably a scam.

2. They only accept money gram or Western Union

3. They do not provide a receipt or contract.

4. You found out about this “incredible puppy” in a Facebook group and there’s no known kennel.

5. The seller’s Facebook was created this year= Scam

6. You’re spending $2,000 and up and you want a top of the line dog.. Do you really want to send that kind of money to Joe “HustleMyownMomma” Johnson?

Use common sense



There are several others ways bad breeders, or just plain con artists can rip you off, but this should give you some knowledge on how to avoid most cons.

Good luck in your search and we hope that this helps you find the perfect new family member to add to your pack! Buying an American Bully should be an exciting and fun experience, and one that brings joy into your life. And trust us when we tell you.. the American Bully will do just that.


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