When evaluating your breeding program, remember that most traits you’re seeking cannot be changed, fixed or created in a single generation. The more information you can obtain on how certain traits have been transmitted by your dog’s ancestors, the better you can prioritize your breeding goals.

Inside Issue No. 3 We Cover Breeding Strategy basics.. We go over the pros and cons as well as the definitions of inbreeding, line breeding, outcrossing and back breeding.  Our goal is to educate and better the future of the American Bully Breed.  For full access Subscribe to BULLY KING Magazine

We will first cover the basics and then move on to more advanced strategy- including signs that you may need an outcross, the advantages & disadvantages of inbreeding/line breeding including when to do so to lock in desired traits, and how to improve your breeding stock.

We will then cover recommended DNA profiling, how to OFA test for hip dysplasia and other issues, and recommended course of action for animals with faults or issues.  Subscribe Now

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