Bully breed dogs are naturally social animals who love being around people, but if they aren’t properly socialized, they can become timid or develop unruly behavioral issues. As with any new pet, it’s important to introduce your bully to all types of people as soon as possible so that strangers won’t faze him/her. Unlike other dogs, however, bullies already have a strike against them due to misconceptions about their temperament, so it’s especially important that your dog knows how to behave in public. In this article, you’ll learn how to get started, tips for easy socialization, and how to introduce your bully to other dogs, too.

Socializing with People

It’s essential that you establish a close bond with your bully before you worry about socializing him with other people. Spend the first few weeks getting him adjusted to his new surroundings and giving him lots of one-on-one attention. Once you have earned your bully’s trust and admiration, you will have better results socializing him with other people.

Socializing with Other Dogs

This is extremely important, and an area that I feel that does not get the attention or coverage it should.  Dogs are pack animals, and they learn well from other dogs.  It is important they get to play and interact with others.  This is one of the first things I do when my pup has had all of his/her vaccinations and shots.  Be careful not to bring a puppy to places like the dog park to early, as this can be a quick way to having a sick puppy (and a very expensive vet bill) because they can pick up kennel cough and several other things with a weakened immune system.  It’s important to know your dog’s personal tolerance level before proceeding. 

If you purchase or adopt your bully breed dog when he’s a puppy, you might have better luck socializing him with other dogs while he’s young. According to the sooner you begin introducing your little tail-wagger to other dogs, the more likely he is to accept them when he’s an adult. The key to all socializing is taking it slow and steady; never push your dog into interacting with a person or dog if he seems timid or hesitant. Trust your dog’s instincts, and he’ll trust you.  

In places like a dog park, which can be excellent in socializing your dog, follow him/her around the first couple trips.  Shield them from overly aggressive dogs, and make sure all of their interactions are positive.  The puppy months are the formative stages, and you want all interactions to be positive and leave an a good imprint rather than a fearful one.  This way they’ll associate other dogs with activity or play, and not feel the need to be aggressive or defensive.  The majority of all behavior problems stem from fear.  An American Bully with the proper socialization is an extremely gentle animal.  This is especially true with children

Little Jay playing with King Tyson
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Another activity that I believe is great for the dog, and although I don’t have any studies or scientific evidence to show for it.. It’s something I like to do, and our dogs love it.. is taking them on car rides. There’s not too many things I enjoy more than driving my truck, windows down with a big smiling American Bully hanging out the window, loving every minute of it.  This is just another activity that can build a bond between you and your dog.
DO NOT EVER leave your bully in a hot car, even for a minute to run into the store or for any reason.

From Elaine Waldorf Gewirtz Author over at “When it comes to living with a well-mannered bully breed, training him to follow a few basic cues makes all the difference in the world. An intelligent, loyal and eager-to-please dog can learn at any age, but the earlier you start, the sooner he will begin acting like a gentleman. Puppies and senior dogs can learn these basics as soon as you bring them home.”

Reward-based training is the way to go, says Mary Harwelik, executive director of The Real Pit Bull Inc., an education and rescue organization ( in Cranford, N.J., that focuses on American Pit Bull Terriers. “It’s the most humane, stress-free way to teach dogs new behaviors, and pit bulls and related breeds do really well with this.”

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