The Giant Elephant in the Room No One Wants to Talk About.. What’s Happening to Dax Offspring? | Plus Exotics.. WTF Is Going On?

The giant elephant in the room that no one seems to want to acknowledge. What is happening to some of these heavily inbred Dax dogs? This article is not to hate or throw shade.. as a matter of fact, we love Dax. He’s part of our foundational pedigree. But the sheer number of dogs that have passed way before their time has become way to high to ignore or simply pass on as coincidence. Dax has over 4000 known offspring, and many are healthy today. But several of the top dogs have passed way before their time.

This is a two part article:

1.We need to know the true cause of death in the Daxline dogs that have passed in order to breed away from it, not compound the issue by having Dax in the pedigree 8-9X.

2. Educate the public on the difference between an American bully and a disaster labeled “exotic bully”

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Do we know the solution?  Absolutely not.. There are much more experienced and knowledgeable breeders than us with decades of experience. But there has to be a middle ground, where dogs with Dax (or other big name dogs) several times in the pedigree are properly outcrossed for their health, longevity and quality of life.

We have heard several of the causes of death, heart problems, overheating, heat stroke, poisoned, sold to China (never to be seen again.)  But in order to improve the breed, we as a community must be aware of the health issues in our breed and not simply ignore them. We need to breed away from the causes of these issues.

Many of these exotic dogs which have even shorter life spans. More on the sad case of “exotics”

Back to Dax.. Dax was unbelievable at producing very “bully” offspring. He throws great headpieces, neck, shoulders & chest.. but like any dog he has faults. Breeding a dog like Dax too many times can result in his negative traits being magnified ie: trouble breathing, heart issues, short life span. That’s why you see so many inbred dogs passing before the age of 3.

So we ARE NOT SAYING don’t use Dax! Dax can be an incredible foundation to your program. We are discussing this because he CAN be a key piece to a breeding program. We ARE SAYING don’t inbreed over and over so you can say 8x Dax like it’s some sort of accomplishment. There is a fine line between line breeding to lock in traits and establish a consistent line and going overboard and inbreeding so closely its causing serious issues.

We have close friends who have lost their dogs early, and I can’t imagine how they must feel or how devastated I would be if the same were to happen to one of our dogs.

Many dogs have passed as a result of heat stroke. These can be prevented by keeping your bully cool and hydrated. See our article: Preventing Heat Stroke: Warning Signs, Risks & Life Saving Actions For The Responsible American Bully Owner.

Next, it is important that Daxline or any foundation dog is properly outcrossed if health issues become prevalent in the breeding stock. Good breeders know this.  Dogs like Miagi, Kratos and many exotics (not that we have a problem with these type dogs) have even more health issues, if we posted all of the exotic bullies that have died in this article it would turn into a thesis over 50 pages long.

Ever wonder where these hyped up exotics disappear to after 3 years? It’s a place called doggy heaven. Here’s an article from “Why exotic bullies die young.” Some exotic breeders have gone so far overboard after the almighty dollar many are calling it abuse

There’s been a lot of ‘bully’ talk lately in the community circles. What used to be a catch-all term to categorize a specific group of specific breeds has become a mangled, multi-defined term of mass confusion and misuse. SO what IS an ‘Exotic’? Is it the same thing as a bully?  Is it shorthand for American Bully?  So what is an Exotic Bully anyway?

Poorly bred ‘Exotic’ dogs, produced by breeders selling dogs with bad conformation from unproven parents for outlandish prices, do not represent the true form of the American Bullies. Exotics aren’t ‘typical’ American Bullies, they are not correct based on the historical– or current day correct – conformation of the Bully breed.

They do not conform to the official American Bully standards – in fact, most of these dogs would get laughed out of the show ring (which is why Exotic breeders now host their own shows)

Now, before anyone gets all riled up.. this is pertaining to poorly bred exotics. We do not have a problem with exotics in general. There are some well bred and very impressive exotic dogs. If this article offends you, then you’re probably part of the problem.

These ARE NOT American Bullies, real dog men would be ashamed of owning such a disaster.

We at BULLY KING have no opinion or judgement if you prefer an exotic bully. That’s your preference and none of our business.

But, when you’re selling others a dream through photoshopped pictures and producing dogs that aren’t functional, deformed and destined to a painful existence.. well, we’ll call a spade a spade..
Honestly, haven’t you wondered why every photo of the so-called “top exotics” are blurred in the background?

Do you think these dogs are just so badass they change the atmosphere around them? As Bullybadasstv says “C’mon man..”

That’s why when you see these dogs in person the first words most people mouth is “dafuq is that?”

Just don’t call it an American Bully. It embarrasses true dog men who care about the breed.

This article was originally written in 2015. Although there are still many disasters like the dog pictured above.. that are being promoted as worthy stock.. (They should have been culled)  On a brighter note.. There are a few breeders that have been successful in producing “cleaner” versions of an exotic bully like the dog pictured below.






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