2016 BULLY KING Mascot Champion Lucky Luciano

Champion Smp’s Lucky Luciano “Your Favorite Bully’s Favorite Bully” 
• 2016 BULLY KING Magazine Mascot
• People’s Choice Awards: Best Pocket Bully
• Voted Best Dax Son
• 2016 iBully & Bully Supplies Mascot
• 2015 Stud of the Year
• 2014-2015 Atomic Dogg Magazine Mascot
• ABKC Pocket Champion
• Sire to Over 15 Champions

“I can still remember the 1st time I saw the iconic Lucky Luciano photoshoot, shot by Toysoldier’s Jim Aba for Atomic Dogg Magazine at the time.  I owned bullies, but I had never before seen such a beautiful animal.  Lucky Luciano for me, was the 1st American Bully that stopped me in my tracks and became almost an obsession.  The color, that build, the height.. On a functional dog that was an exceptional athlete..  I had to have a Lucky son or daughter.”FIXED LARGEa4591411-b41e-4789-8728-70a57a37cde3-320-0000004a5e821f9212006256_927149287352671_1611122195560617962_n (1)ALEXLUCKY




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