2016 Year in Review

The 1st Year is in the Books! 

Our first year was an incredible one! We have successfully reached several huge milestones in our first year, and it’s only because of your support. Thank you to all of you for being apart of our bully family, we appreciate each and every one of you.

We will only continue to improve as your source for bully breed information. Whether you’re looking for information on successfully running a kennel, breeding, health, diet and exercise, training, locating a breeder, selecting a puppy or Stud.. we’ve got you covered.

Our mission is to improve the quality of life for our breed- The American Bully.

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  • BULLY KING Magazine burst onto the scene late 2015 becoming the Fastest Growing New Magazine of the Year.
  • Over 1 Million Shared Articles!
  • An appearance on NBC Channel 3 with our follow up to the original story that made national headlines “The New Breed- The Problem with Designer dog breeding” with Part II “The Real Side Of The American Bully.”
  • Launch of the BULLY KING App, which has been downloaded over 5000 times, breaking into the Top 25 Apps in newsstand & entertainment (Next to Rolling Stone Magazine)
  • Hosted 1st Annual “People’s Choice Awards” The Largest Online Competition in bully history.. Next Year will be even bigger!

  • Next Issue: Lucky No.7: Tribute to the Living Legend, CH Lucky Luciano
  • 2017 People’s Choice Awards, 2017 Mascots & More
  • App Improvements making BULLY KING the 1st Fully Interactive App of it’s kind!
  • What that means for our Customers is that while you’re reading one of our digital Issues inside the App, there will soon be HD Video, clickable links with more information, you’ll even be able to visit our Advertisers!
  • That means if you see a product, Stud, Kennel or website that interests you.. You will even be able to shop.. All while reading an article inside the App!

Mind blown yet? We’re not finished. For our Advertisers.. we are revolutionizing how Advertising is done. Want to Advertise your Breeding, Stud, Kennel or Product?  

We can Feature HD Video of your Stud, Kennel or Product.. Inside one of the Digital Issues. If our customers are interested, they can visit your site by clicking a link or from a video in the App. Better yet, we can revise and replace older ads months or years down the road with a new Ad or Video as your kennel or business grows!

Now when you Advertise with BULLY KING you will not only be printed in the magazine and on our social media outlets, but also inside our App & Digital Issues. Our Average weekly reach is 1.3 million, and that’s after only 6 Issues! The scary part?  We’re just warming up!  Over the next 6 months we are looking to have our Issues translated into Spanish, Portuguese and other languages so that we can make BULLY KING Available to our friends that don’t speak English.

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The App is FREE to Download AND comes with a FREE Issue!As a thank you, here are our Top 10 Articles with the most shares, all in one post. #BULLYKING.

1. Everything You Need to Know about The American Bully | The Definitive List  Read Article

2. The time we had NBC release a follow up to the awful depiction of our breed in the 1st story they ran “The New Breed: Is there trouble with designer dog breeding?” So we ran “The Follow Up.. The Real Side of The American Bully • Designer Breed Part II” • On NBC Channel 3:  Read Article & Watch Video

3. History of the Tri Colored Pit bull & American Bully Read Article

4. So You Want to Become A Breeder.. Read Article

5. Tips to Avoid Being Ripped Off When Buying an American Bully  Read Article

6. What is the Best Food to bulk up my Pit bull & American Bully?  Read Article

7. History of the Razors Edge Bloodline  Read Article

8. The History of Lowjack Remy-Martin & Remyline  Read Article

9. 2016 BULLY KING Mascot Series | Louis V Line’s VENOM  Read Article

10. The Giant Elephant in the Room.. What’s Happening to Dax Offspring? | Plus WTF is Going On With “Exotics?” Read Article


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