Carolina Bully Farms Receives UKC Ban

Final Update: Feb 1st, 2017 We’re tired of having to write an article for each ban, arrest etc.. 

Carolina Bully Farms has now been added to the UKC’s ban list on top of the ABKC’s ban list

Let’s get one thing straight, we never wanted to have to write these articles.  We have nothing to gain from it.  We used to follow their videos and were once fans of theirs. But, we have an obligation to protect our friends in the bully community.

When we were contacted by several customers who had been ripped off/sold a dog from a different litter/had deposits taken and never received a dog/had papers hung/bought litters from other breeders and sold them as Moneyline dogs.. and on and on.. We looked into the accusations.  We even called Carolina Bully Farms and spoke with Jim to give him a chance to explain some of the confusion and make things right.  It never happened. We posted the facts. We don’t wish Carolina Bully Farms any ill will.  

We aren’t sure when things started to go wrong, but people were taken advantage of, and ripped off, and instead of making things right- they took to Youtube to call these customers out.  These weren’t people out to get Carolina Bully Farms or breeders that viewed them as competition and wanted to bad mouth them.  These were people who put deposits down or bought dogs from them because they were fans of theirs.  All they wanted was honest business, and they got taken advantage of. 

This will be the last article we write on CBF.  We never even wanted to get involved in the first place. We felt obligated.  We don’t like reporting negative news.  We’d much rather highlight the awesome breeders and beautiful dogs doing great things for our breed. Customers should make their own decision.  They have now been banned from 2 of the biggest registries.  We have armed customers with the facts. 

We have gotten a ton of feedback from their Youtube followers. It’s awesome that they have such a passionate following, but facts are facts.  Our only interest is protecting the bully community.  We’ve done our job. Best of luck to anyone looking to add this incredible breed to their family.  Do your homework and hopefully no one else has to go through what some of their customers have had to deal with.

Customer Experiences:


Carolina Bully Farms has now refused to respond to a certified letter from their beloved UKC Registry after another litter in which they bought and sold dogs from other breeders as Moneyline dogs.  This is the same reason they were banned from the ABKC.  They claimed they were banned from the ABKC because they got too big for the registry, which was laughable.  

Should be interesting to see how they try and spin this one, since they have claimed in the past that they love the UKC.  Expect a Youtube video with a half assed excuse as to why they are banned from yet ANOTHER Registry, and probably a promo for a smaller registry if they can find one that will still register any of their dogs. This information is now available on the UKC’s website.

Update August 2, 2016 Arrest & Allegations From Disgruntled Customer

Carolina Bully Farms response. Continuing to artfully dance around all allegations after apparently posting bond.


Original Article: Carolina Bully Farms Refuses to Respond to Allegations. Posts Video calling ABKC a “hater” and gets an Applause from an audience of clueless supporters.

Let’s start this off by stating that we have nothing against Carolina Bully Farms.  We are not a “hater” as they would have you believe. To the contrary we were fans of their videos and treatment of their dogs.  3 years ago in an article in another magazine we actually mentioned them as breeders we respected. But times change and unfortunately so do some people. 

We gave CBF an opportunity to respond to all allegations and provided them with an itemized list of all allegations sent to us from several customers. Customers accusing Carolina Bully Farms of wrongdoing sent us photos of dogs in question, along with documents and receipts.  Carolina Bully Farms provided nothing, then insulted us. But who cares about that, we’ve got thick skin. Anyhow, they will block any customers who complain about being ripped off and continuously avoid the truth to their beloved Youtube audience. 

Carolina Bully Farms has been Alleged of the following: 

• Altering vet health certificates 

    – they admitted to this

• Buying & selling litters from other breeders as Moneyline dogs. (Customers of CBF have provided us with documentation as well as photos of the pups they received from the litters in question. 

    – We spoke to two different breeders who confirmed they had been contacted by CBF to purchase their litters and then sold as Moneyline dogs.

• Hanging papers

• Selling Customers puppies from An Unrelated litter/ different Sire & Dam entirely than advertised/ accepted deposit money on (The ole’ bait and switch) 

• Refusing a DNA Challenge from the ABKC brought about from a Customer who was sold a dog from another breeding.  (Resulting in ABKC ban)

• Refusing a DNA Challenge from the UKC (Resulting in UKC Ban)

•  Keeping Customer Deposits

• Claiming they didn’t know about the ABKC testing or ban and going as far as saying that all the ABKC needed was rumors from a couple “haters” 

  • We “weren’t aware of the ban until you told us”

  • We “chose to be banned from the ABKC.”

  • We “were banned for becoming IBKC Judges.”

  • “ABKC doesn’t like a breeder becoming bigger than them.”

  • Banned for “dominating the competition and having so much success” 

A Couple of things..

#1 They were contacted (They received a certified letter by mail)

#2 They were DNA challenged on the litters in question. (They refused)

CBF has claimed to be an IBKC Judge as the basis for the ABKC becoming upset and banning CBF but IBKC Owner has stated that he does not recognize CBF as Judges or know Carolina Bully Farms. (We’ll even give them a pass here, Carolina Bully Farms was attempting to refer to the UBKC as they judged one show for the registry last year.)

Carolina Bully Farms has stated they are still in good standing with the UKC and “thanks everyone for the accusations business is better and we have more deposits than ever.”

(That was their response in the initial article we wrote, they have since been banned from the UKC as well.)

Carolina Bully Farms went on to say that they don’t use that registry and hasn’t in some time.. “With their less than 30 dogs in each show people don’t seem to care about the ABKC.”  Wait what..? The last Show we covered had 30 dogs per CLASS.. That was a lie. Now before anyone thinks we’re ABKC diehards, we support the ABKC, RKC, UKC, BBCR, IBKC.. literally any registry and breeder that does GOOD business.

CBF saying that the ABKC has a problem with a breeder becoming bigger than them, and that they have dominated the competition. Now this was just funny.. This might impress the typical Youtube noob but not anyone vaguely familiar with the breed and Showing dogs. 

Let’s get one thing straight they have one Champion. Not Grand Champion, Champion. ONE. 5 Years ago. That they DID NOT even PRODUCE. Saying they dominate the competition is ridiculous. Just to give you an idea.. our BULLY KING Mascot Lucky Luciano’s owner Alex Ferraro’s camp has been home to thirteen. THIRTEEN.

Look at the decline in the quality of dogs from CH Mo Money (whom they bought) This is from their website. 

We don’t doubt  that they’re nice people and love their dogs. Unfortunately being “nice people” and releasing educational videos does not give you a license to steal from customers. sell other breeders dogs as Moneyline (and at Moneyline prices), forge documents and blame an entire registry for your mistakes.  

Several customers contacted us initially (who provided us with documentation) of everything that transpired. Carolina Bully Farms provided no such documentation, refused a DNA test and blamed a registry for banning them. You don’t get a license to take advantage of people because you have a loyal Youtube following cosigning your BS.

Disclaimer: BULLY KING Magazine Magazine cannot guarantee the accuracy of these claims. We are a news source, sharing customer experiences in an effort to protect consumers from being misled. Should CBF provide proof of DNA for the litters in question we would happily report the results. As of this point, Carolina Bully Farms has made no effort to respond to customers that feel they have been misled and taken advantage of. Should this change, we will update the article.


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