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Alex Ferraro was no stranger to the dog game when he made the call.  After messaging several of the top breeders at the time, only one had gotten back with him. On the other end of the telephone, was Mike Meza of Short Muscle Camp. Mike was the first big name breeder that was willing to work with him.

Alex had fallen in love with Daxline/Razors Edge outcrosses. Dogs like Magoo, G-Train and Heatstroke. He knew exactly what he was looking for, the problem was finding a breeder with the quality stock of the particular bloodlines he was looking for to actually give him the time of day. The breeding was a repeat (Dax X Hyphie) The 1st breeding produced Heatstroke. 

Mike sent Alex photos of a tri colored puppy, and Alex fell in love.  Alex picked up his new pup at the airport and at only 3 months, Alex knew he was exactly what he wanted. Alex named the pup “Lucky” because of the pup’s scar on his back from his mother. His back was punctured and torn open before being repaired. Alex thought he was “Lucky” to be alive.  

Listening to the radio on the way home he heard an Intro to a song “The Mob tried to kill him more than once..” referring to the notorious prohibition era Italian gangster Lucky Luciano. After several attempts on his life, Lucky Luciano the gangster was a survivor. Lucky the pup was too. Alex had no idea how fitting the name would be at the time, or the “luck” this dog would bring him in the years to come..

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