22017 BULLY KING Official Mascot Mr. U.K.

Representing the United Kingdom, Mr. UK. is son of the legendary APBK’s Trouble Maker is our youngest and 1st International Mascot. We scouted this bad boy out all the way over in the United Kingdom when he was just 6 months old! Prepare your jaws to drop when we release his updated photos in a few months. We sought this bully out due to his build, muscle and compact frame. Mr. U.K. became our 1st International Mascot, and along with his Sire (2017 Mascot Trouble Maker) are also our first ever father & son Mascots
Remember the name.. Mr. U.K.

What Makes Mr. U.K. so special to you?

“He has a head and body of his grandfather cyclone. The cute face of his mum Djuna and the eyes of his dad Trouble. That’s 3 amazing dogs rolled into 1. To us he’s the complete package.”

Where can we expect to see Mr. U.K. in person this year?

“We plan to bring him out to ABKC & EBKC shows around Europe this year.”

For our readers interested in adding Mr. U.K. to their program, what is Mr. U.K.’s Stud fee?

“Stud fee is £2000. No refundable deposit of £750 required for lock in. Full fee is required before breeding takes place.”

What is the best way to Contact you?

Melanie and Danny – +447753427153
Roy – Facebook – Roy Van Gestel
Instagram – Roy Van Gestel

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