More Lies From Carolina Bully Farms

Carolina Bully Farms took to YouTube yesterday to debate the # of Champions they have produced while making false claims against BULLY KING Magazine.

Yet, they still have failed to admit why they were REALLY banned from the ABKC and now the UKC, nor did they address the many customer complaints, and accusations of theft and fraud in the face of overwhelming evidence and proof backing their customer’s claims.

Carolina Bully Farms can attempt to save face on their beloved YouTube Channel, but eventually those who do a little research will see the bigger picture on what is truly happening with CBF.

Some of the new “stories”

“BULLY KING Magazine begged us to be a Mascot”

We never invited Mo Money to be a Mascot.

“BULLY KING Magazine wanted us on the Cover”

That’s a lie. Anyone who has Advertised with us will tell you.. our Covers are the first thing to go and they’re reserved throughout November 2018.

“Lucky Luciano’s owner probably doesn’t know his dog is even on a cover”

Again a lie. We have great relationships with all of our Mascots. We were honored to have a representatives like Lucky and Alex Ferraro and we’re damn proud of both.


A list of things Carolina Bully Farms Should Have Addressed:

1. Why they were banned from the ABKC
2. Why they were banned from their beloved UKC
3. Why Customers deposits were kept
4. Why CBF bought & sold litters from OTHER BREEDERS as Moneyline dogs. (Customers of CBF have provided us with documentation as well as photos of the pups they received from the litters in question.)
5. Why they decided to sell Customers puppies from An Unrelated litter/ different Sire & Dam entirely than advertised/accepted deposit money on (The ole’ bait and switch)

Use Your Brain..

Either 2 Completely Different and Unrelated Registries Decided to ban Carolina Bully Farms (UKC & ABKC) for being too awesome in the show ring.. or they got caught with their pants down.. doing some shit they weren’t supposed to do.

There’s literally pages of evidence online of Carolina Bully Farms wrongdoing, several customers (who were at one time supporters of CBF) posting about their experience. It’s not hard to find. Do you own research. A simple Google search “Carolina Bully Farms scam” or something similar will give you more than enough information.



UKC ban (2 years)


Customer Experiences:

Bully Worldwide: Roger Speaks on his experience
Laron’s Experience

Jim even goes as far to claim:

“ BULLY KING Magazine has been in business for 3 Years and not a single customer has received a magazine.”


Now that’s just funny, we’ve managed to claim the number one bully breed printed magazine, #1 selling iPhone App, and #1 selling bully breed book.. all without ever delivering a copy to a single customer!

Seems legit..

We gave CBF an opportunity when we wrote an UNBIASED article while we looked into all of the Customer complaints that were sent in to us.

Your own customers trusted us to be a voice for them while you refused to own up to shit you were caught RED HANDED doing! On top of that, you take to the internet to bully and harass customers like Allan Bellin and his family after you RIPPED THEM OFF.


Complaint filed with the BBB

The difference between us and Carolina Bully Farms is that we ARE an advocate for the bully community as they once WERE.

Before we put anything in print, we have documented evidence and proof. If we make a mistake we own up to it, not dig deeper and deeper by telling lie after lie. We will be more than happy to add Grch King Tut and any other Champions produced by CBF to our previous article, because we always correct inaccurate information.

However, you still have failed to address the real reasons as to why you were BANNED from two different registries or attempt to make things right with the customers you ripped off.














There’s a shit ton more but UFC 214 is about to start, and we think you get the idea..

This is your 1st and last warning not to slander the BULLY KING Magazine brand by making false claims. We actually have FACTS to back up anything we write or state online.

We gave customers who were frustrated for being taken advantage of.. a voice. And hopefully, we encouraged those new to the breed to do some research before buying a puppy. We had long since forgotten about Carolina Bully Farms.

 Defame our brand by making false claims again and we’ll let the levy break with every piece of evidence sent in to us, as well as the registries that have banned you.


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