How Does Stud Service Work?

“We remember what it was like when we first started. Paying for a well known Stud was a huge risk. We didn’t have a few grand to pay for a Stud and hope that it worked out. But we still tried, and our female didn’t take.. This set our program and vision back over a year. We paid the Stud Fee and didn’t have any puppies and we told we were shit out of luck.” – Texas Size Bullies

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So they do things differently.  If your female does not get pregnant they don’t just keep your money. They will re-ship during your females next heat or you can use the Stud Credit towards a pup for sale or future breeding.

If you choose to try again during next heat, you will not pay another Stud fee like many breeders would have you do. You just pay collection & shipping and they will send again.

Finding a breeder that wants to see you succeed and will help mentor and guide you through the process instead of viewing you as competition is an integral part of your success.

Since having an initial bad experience, they have used Studs from other yards when looking to add certain traits to their program and provided Stud Service for even more. According to Texas Size Bullies, they’ve had breedings not take (their planned breeding with GRCH Soul Train & CH Lucky Lucianna wasn’t successful)

IMG_3101The difference between the 1st experience and the the most recent is that they’ve found other breeders known for going above and beyond for their customers. Breeders like BullyInnovation’s Jesse Sloop (owner of Soul Train) and others that operate with integrity.

Now when planned breedings aren’t successful it’s not a total loss. “We still have a Stud credit, and Jesse Sloop is a man of his word, he operates like we do. I wish more breeders did the same.” A good breeder will go above and beyond for you and want you to succeed.

“We were sent a quality specimen, and our female just didn’t take. It happens. You can’t be upset with someone who went by the book simply because your female doesn’t take. With us, we will re-ship during your females next heat so you don’t lose your investment or the Stud credit. We believe this is how it should be done.”

So I Select a Stud and Pay the Stud Fee.. What Happens next?
1. You should receive a receipt for your purchase.
2. You should receive a Contract stating everything the breeder agrees to carry out. This is for your protection as well as theirs.
3. A good breeder will approve or deny your bitch, if denied they should politely explain the reasons why and issue your refund the same day.
4.When your female is ready to go, the Stud should be collected by a vet and shipped overnight to your local vet for an AI (Artificial Insemination)
Texas Size Bullies walks their customers through the entire process.

How Will I Know When My Bitch Is Ready?
By most accounts, Day 1 of heat is measured starting at the 1st sight of blood. Most breeders recommend progesterone testing at your vet, starting at the onset of heat (First day of bleeding) This will give your vet a baseline.

Next, based on your vet’s recommendation they will test again as necessary looking for the approximate time of ovulation and then scheduling the AI (Artificial Insemination) Your local vet will communicate with our vet for the best date to perform the AI. Most will say days 8-12 but each dog is different. “We’ve seen dogs ovulate as early as day four and as late as day 23.”

The best way is to have your vet determine the optimal breeding day, and we overnight it directly to your vet for the AI.  Letting the vets handle the shipping and scheduling the AI takes out the middle man (breeder shipping to you, you handling etc) will give you the best chance at getting your female pregnant.

King Tyson II

For those in Florida (Texas Size Bullies moved to Florida a few years back, but kept the name) or those willing to travel, they will perform a live AI.

When receiving a shipment you should have your vet test the sample that was overnighted to ensure you received what you paid for. “A lot of times customers aren’t successful because they aren’t receiving a quality sample from a breeder, they just don’t know it.”

What Does A Bitch’s Heat Cycle Look Like?

Phases of the Dog’s Heat Cycle
The cycle is divided in four distinct phases:
This is when the dog’s reproductive tissues swell and appear puffy. A bloody discharge will take place as the female carefully licks herself quite often in order to keep herself clean. Loss of appetite and irritability are not very uncommon. Male dogs may be interested in the female but she will not be interested as of yet. This phase generally lasts seven to ten days.
This is phase is also known by breeders as ”standing heat” because this phase is actually when the female dog will stand still for the male to breed. Gradually the bloody discharge seen in proestrus will be replaced by a pink or straw colored discharge signaling this important phase. This phase generally lasts six to ten days.
This phase concludes the mating process, as most females at this point will no longer be interested in males. Males however, may still stick around. This phase if the dog has been impregnated lasts generally from the end of the estrus until the birth of the puppies, averaging therefore 60 days. If the dog has not been impregnated, the diestrus phase will not be any different from the anaestrus stage.
This is the longest phase of a dog’s heat cycle, indeed it ranges from 100-150 days. It appears to be a quiet time for the dog’s reproductive organs, however, the dog’s pituitary gland an ovaries are in reality getting ready for the next proestrus cycle.

The Procedure (Breeding)

When the female is most fertile, approximately 2 days after ovulation, the artificial insemination is performed.  This is sometimes followed by a second AI in two days (48 hours)  Most legitimate breeders will insist on AI for a number of reasons.  First, any good breeder will want to protect his/her Stud from sexually transmitted diseases, brucellosis and other issues.  Not to mention the risk to the Stud dog while he’s “tied” to a female.  From a business standpoint anyone with a top earning Stud and some common sense will want to protect their investment and more importantly their family member.

If You Are New to Breeding Find A Mentor

“This is one of the biggest problems in the bully community, the blind leading the blind. If you want to be successful, don’t cut corners.  Learn from an experienced breeder.

From Texas Size Bullies: “I can remember driving over 4 hours both ways (more than once) just to watch and learn from Grindhouse Bullies’ Olin Stephens.  The guy is a walking textbook on dog breeding.  He didn’t just sell us a dog years back, he took the time to mentor and teach.  So we try to do the same.

The Follow Up
Most reputable breeders will want to know if/when your female is confirmed and will be having her pups.  If for some reason your female did not take they should have a conversation and decide what to do next.  They will discuss whether you would like to try again during next heat or apply the Stud credit towards an available puppy or upcoming litter.  Texas Size Bullies states “With us, we take your investment seriously and want you to get the most out of your money.”

Since Texas Size Bullies Studs are only to Approved females, they actually take things one step further. When you use one of their Studs they share the breeding on their Facebook page and various social media outlets. “Our customers don’t struggle with litter sales.” Because they’re selective on who they Stud their dogs to, they help get the word out about your kennel or breeding.  This is what you want when you choose a breeder.

Time to Celebrate

Like the time Mascot Louis V Line’s Venom (13 months old here) lost his Virginity and immediately learned to howl!

Now that the Stud dog has done his job, let him rest.  Fella gave it all he had and could now use a nap.  Although Ch Lucianna says she’s “not done with him yet!

Call/txt to book one of our Studs 832-452-0898

– From Texas Size Bullies, now located in Delray Beach, Florida

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