Rest In Peace to Champion MBBP’s Rocky Has a Hard Head “King of The South” Southern Legend


Owner Dathan Johnson posted the news of Rocky’s passing on Facebook. Had to say my goodbyes to Rocky on Wednesday. He was a great dog, I was blessed to have owned him. He lived his entire life with my Family and I. Rocky will live on in countless American Bullies around the World. We had an outstanding ride together, RIP to the “King Of The South!”

– Owner Dathan Johnson


The outpouring of love and tributes didn’t stop there, as kennels across the country paid respects to Dathan, the Mobetta Blues Family (MBBP) and Champion Rocky- thanking them for their contribution to our breed.  For those of you not familiar with Rocky or MoBettaBlues- this dog was a Legend in the South. I heard about Rocky for the 1st time around 09′ I believe it was.

Mobettablues had some serious Studs on their yard and produced some extremely bully dogs (especially considering this was back in 08-09). Mobetta Blues and Dathan  produced some of the best dogs in the country for an extended period of time. Many of our yards have been based off of this blood and owe respect and gratitude for the commitment and dedication Dathan and Mobetta Blues Pitbulls put in.

Ch MBBP’s Rocky Has A Hard Head

CH Rocky 1st gained National appeal (outside of the dog world, he was well known there) after the release of this Isssue of Rolling Stone Magazine. Rocky appeared alongside Outkast’s Big Boi for the cover spread rocking an Atlanta hat wearing a piece and chain. You had to love it.


A lot of great dogs today (including National Champions) wouldn’t be here today without Rocky Has A Hard Head. There are a ton of great dogs that stemmed from Rocky.. some of the more notable ones:

2016 ABKC Nationals Winner Grand Champion Axel

ABKC Nationals Best In Show, Best of Breed & Best Grand Champion Grand Champion: MBBPS Rockstar of HBBK (Left) MBBP’s Royce The Great (Right)


Mbbp’s Champion King Congo (left) J&A BULLIES/TTB’S GRAND CHAMPION ZULU (Right)

Champion SLB’s Rowdy Town (left) Texas Size Bullies’ King Tyson II (Right)

Muscletone’s Yoshi (left) Primetime’s PT of J&A Bullies (right)


“One of the 1st bulls I fell in love with and one of the foundations of our program. Before Dax, and a few others.. this was THE DOG to me, and exactly what I was after from Roc N Ruby blood. One of the 1st bullies that first dropped my jaw, and I knew I had to have his blood in our program. I am proud to have in his Grandson King Tyson a dog that carries his traits. Thank you for everything you have contributed to the breed and igniting my passion in the American Bully Breed to another level, it hasn’t slowed down since. My condolences to his owners on your loss.”

Texas Size Bullies

One of the best bulls of his time. When you said rock and ruby-this is one of the first bulls that came to mind. Roc N Ruby clicked so well with Samurai Paco blood and this boy was the poster child of that combination. Brother, I want first say thank you for producing such a instrumental part of the bully world and I’m sorry for your loss brother. Major key to the breed!

– Darren Cooper Bucktownbullyz

The bully community has lost a real legend. CH Rocky had a major influence in my program and within our community. He lived a great life and made his stamp in our breed the Real American Bully. Thank you Dathan Johnson and the Johnson family for being great friends and allowing us to have a piece of CH Rocky’s legacy.
Rest Easy. CH MBBP Rocky Has a Hard Head aka “The King of the South.”

– Errol Bodden Honorable ABKC Judge

RIP 🌹TO THE LEGEND… MBBP ROCKY HAS A HARD HEAD His blood runs deep in all our productions!

– Anna Stathatos Montreal Bullies

Rocky was a true legend! We’re proud to say that his blood runs deep in our program to this day & he will be missed! Much respect to a true American Bully!

– Al Rivera Honorable BBCR Judge

If you have or know of some notable dogs with Rocky in the pedigree that we missed email us at



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