Brute Force Bullies: RELOADED

Brute Force Bullies


Brute Force Bullies definitely earns the name. It is through Brute Force and determination that owner Jorge Guerra Jr. is making sure the name “Brute Force Bullies” perseveres in the bully world. A lot of breeders have called it quits facing much less adversity than this camp has faced over the past 2 years..

Find out how Jorge Guerra Jr. and Brute Force Bullies took every shot on the chin, kept smiling, sacrificed, dug deep and reloaded with an awesome new lineup.. Inside Issue No. 12!

Here’s a Sneak Peak..

Bain Bullys Quad

(Dax X Ciroc)
JG_052418_DSC_1731_PrintJG_052418_DSC_1764_PrintJG_052418_DSC_1848_PrintJG_052418_DSC_1852_Print15″  67lbs
Wide shoulders, crazy rear, muscular bitch with a sweet and gentle temperament.

Due in heat between now and Aug and is going to Muscletone’s Casablanca for a historic breeding.

Muscletone’s Jezebel of Guerra’s BFB

(GrCh Mr Bean X Maude)

Jezebel is off of Bean’s 1st Inbred litter and is the littermate sister to Muscletone’s Solo. She is currently 8.5 mo old and under 14 in tall with a wide muscular spread, thick neck, and beautiful rear. She is an explosive ball of energy and is as close a clone to her Daddy as I have seen.

She will be getting linebred back to some Muscletone blood but I have decided to go with an outcross for her 1st breeding to none other than Louie V Line’s Lil’ V, yes he is closed but I have the last straw to him and think that mixing him with this little shemale will produce some beautiful monsters.

I still have my Beastro Grandson Ch Brutus who is my kennel mascot and my boy El Güero who is son to CH Xochitl and Lil’ V.

Muscletone’s Xochitl of Guerra’s BFB. (Bison X Kiss)


6 mo old champagne puppy with a nice dome and beautiful rear. She is currently Muscletone Bison’s only offspring in the USA. There were 2 born in her litter and she is the only survivor so she is very exclusive.

Her first breeding will be announced at a later date but please believe me when I tell you that I have something extraordinary up my sleeve for her.



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