Sneak Peak: BULLY KING Issue No.12 Mye-Stro


2018 Official BULLY KING Mascot Double L’s MYE-STRO

One of the Baddest Bulls on the Planet 

Inside Issue #12:

• Double L’s MYE-STRO is Creating a Legacy
• American Bully Down Under: Interest in the Breed is Taking Off in Australia as Breeders Import the Best
• Interview: Jorge Guerra of Brute Force Bullies
• Hydrocephalus: That’s NOT a “Freaky” or “Alien” Head
• Ectropion and Entropion
• Canine Allergies
• Some of the New Studs On The Scene are No Joke
• The “Clean Exotic” is the Newest Hype.. What Is It?
• Much More Inside the next IssuE of BULLY KING Magazine!

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