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Interview: Steve Jurak | Platinum Bullies Australia

STATE YOUR NAME, KENNEL NAME & WHERE YOU’RE LOCATED Steve Jurak , Platinum Bullies, Southern Highlands, NSW Australia…
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The History of Lowjack Remy-Martin & Remyline

Original Story credit: Christopher “Bully The Kid” Bennet The story of Remy Martin is stuff of legend. A…
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How to Create A Quick and Inexpensive Whelping Box

How To Series: Creating an inexpensive Whelping Box (For about $58.00 worth of material including Beer) By Dawghouse…
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Best Food & Supplements to Add Muscle to my Pit Bull or American Bully?

Let’s start this discussion by stating: There is no supplement that will make your dog break through it’s genetic…
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Female dogs (bitches) generally give birth around 63 days after conception, with a few variations between 56 and…
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The History of Notorious Juan Gotty & Gottiline

The Gottiline Pit bull Bloodline, otherwise known as the Gotti Pitbulls, Gottyline or Gotty Pitbulls have become one…
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History Of The Razors Edge Bloodline

Razors Edge Pitbulls was started in MD and DC by Dave Wilson and Carlos Barksdale. They initially started…
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What Is An Exotic Bully & What’s A “Clean Exotic?”

Let’s start this out by stating that as a magazine- BULLY KING supports all of the bully breeds…
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Rise Of The American Bully Australia

Issue No.12 On Sale Now! Release Date: July 25th 2018 Official BULLY KING Mascot Double L’s MYE-STRO One…