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Rest In Peace to Champion MBBP’s Rocky Has a Hard Head “King of The South” Southern Legend

5/30/07-10/25/17 Owner Dathan Johnson posted the news of Rocky’s passing on Facebook. Had to say my goodbyes to…
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The 2nd Annual People’s Choice Award Winners

The 2nd Annual People’s Choice Awards was a huge success! We introduced several new classes this year and…
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Why do Most Kennels Fail?

Over the years countless Kennels have come and gone. The average life span for a breeder in this…
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Pyometra: A Breeder’s Worst Nightmare

Pyometra may be the scariest thing your female could ever get.. Pyometra, or pyometritis (in Greek, pyo means…
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Interview: Ty Lumley Of Double L Kennels

BULLY KING Magazine caught up with the owner of Double L Kennels in between flights, and the producer, ABKC Judge…
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Preventing Heat Stroke: Warning Signs, Risks & Life Saving Actions For The Responsible American Bully Owner

The first days of summer have proven one thing. There is a heat wave among us. Triple digit…