The Bully Bible


The Bully Bible: Everything You Need To Know About The American Bully

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✓ 31 Chapters 153 Pages


Chapters Inside:

• Everything You Need To Know About The American Bully
• History Of The American Pit Bull Terrier & The Evolution Of The American Bully
• History Of The Razors Edge Bloodline
• Notorious Juan Gotty & Gottiline
• The Legend Of Lowjack Remy Martin & Remyline
• History Of Daxline
• History Of The Tri Colored Pit Bull & American Bully
• Caring For Your American Bully
• The Importance Of Socialization
• 5 Star Rated Dog Foods
• Best Muscle Building Exercises
• Preventing Heat Stroke
• How much Does An American Bully Cost
• Finding A Reputable Dog Breeder
• So.. You Want To Become A Breeder?
• How Stud Service Works
• Ovulation & Progesterone Testing
• Artificial Insemination (AI’s)
• Dog Pregnancy: By The Week
• Why Do Most Kennels Fail?
• What’s Your Bully Worth? Determining The Value Of Your Stock
• Linebreeding, Inbreeding, Outcrossing, Backbreeding & More
• Parvo: What You Need To Know
• Daxline & Exotics: Why Are Dogs Dying Young?
• The Exotic Bully

Bonus Chapters:
• 1st Annual BULLY KING Magazine People’s Choice Award Winners
• How The American Bully Saved My Life
• The Story Of Champion SMP’s Lucky Lucuano
• Muscletone Bullys’ Bashar Daoud On Creating The Muscletone Bloodline
• Important Terms & More!


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